Burner For Tyre Pyrolysis

Usages of Burner for Tyre Pyrolysis: Having been in the field for 15 years, (Henan) machinery Co. Ltd., is one of the professional manufacturers in pyrolysis machine, oil distillation machine and carbon black processing machine. Today, our company has launched a new system called waste burner system. on this new system installed your tyre pyrolysis … Read more

Pyrolysis Plant For Waste Tire And Plastic Scrap

Pyrolysis Plant For Waste Tire And Plastic Scrap

Our pyrolysis plant is used for pyrolyzing waste tire or plastic scrap into fuel, such as fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire (only for waste tires). Our plant used for disposing waste tires is called waste tire pyrolysis plant. Our waste tyre pyrolysis plant adopts the latest pyrolysis technology which aims at recycling waste … Read more

Processing Carbon Black for Tyre Manufacture in China

Usages of Carbon Black Machine for Manufacturing Tyre : Our company has been the professional company with researches and produce used oil distillation machine and for 15 years’ experience. The machine is a kind of vertical shaft reflective crusher, there is the grading device in the crushing room. The waste tyre after being crushed will … Read more