Respond to COVID-19 Actively Together

Protective Supplies

With the outbreak of COVID-19 in the global world, people’s live has been in a great threaten. It spreads fast and has low death rate. However, China has backed to the normal life through three-month isolation period. In order to fight COVID-19 together, we have the following suggestion for our partners. If you have need … Read more

Beston Machinery in South Africa

Beston Machinery has a 16-day visit in South Africa from 1st to 16th this month. We aim to get closer relationship with South African customers and find more cooperative partners. If you wanna purchase these machines, it is a good time to know more detailed information under the professional illustration of Beston technicans. Beston team … Read more

Malaysia, Beston Group is Coming!

Visit of Beston Group to Malaysia in October, 2018

From 8th to 13th, October, 2018, Beston team is going to pay a visit to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia from Zhengzhou which is the hometown of Shaolin Temple. This is the second time for Beston Machinery to visit Malaysia this year. The following people will take part in this journey, general manager, engineers and salesperson. … Read more

Beston Machinery’s Visit to Indonesia in September

Visit of Beston Machinery to Indonesia in September, 2018

Beston business person (Zoe Zhang, Sherly Dong, Cindy Chu, Ivan Dong) will visit Jakarta in Indonesia from 13th to 19th September, 2018. During this visit in Indonesia, Beston Machinery will offer technocial support and after-sales service to all customers. We are looking forward to see you here! Applications of Beston Machine in Indonesia Beston Waste … Read more

Trip of Beston Group to Australia from 29th August to 10th September, 2018

Trip of Beston Group to Austrialia from 29th August to 10th September

At the end of this month, the 10th Australian international solid waste disposal and recycling exhibition will be held in Sydney. At that time, Beston Machinery will attend this exhibition to demonstrate a series of green machines. Specific Arrangement: 1. From 29th to 30th August, 2018, Beston Group will participate in this exhibition. There will … Read more