Scrap Tire Recycling Facility Opens

Tyromer Inc., a company established by the University of Waterloo to commercialize a better way to recycle scrap tire rubber and to manage scrap tires, has announced the opening of its facility, Tyromer Waterloo, in Kitchener, Ontario.

The Tyromer technology invented by Professor Costas Tzoganakis of the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo, turns scrap tire rubber into Tyromer-TDP (tire-derived polymer). Tyromer says the Tyromer Waterloo facility will be the first manufacturer to introduce Tyromer-TDP and will showcase the potential impact the Tyromer devulcanization technology can have on tire recycling in Ontario, Canada, and globally.

“Each year more than 300 million scrap tires are generated in North America. During the average life of a tire, only 20 percent of the rubber is used, leaving a staggering 10 billion pounds of scrap tires,” says Sam Visaisouk, CEO, Tyromer Inc. “With Tyromer-TDP, there is now a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable solution to the global management of scrap tires.”

Scrap tire recycling facility opens

Tyromer received early financial support from Michelin Development Co., Ontario Centres of Excellence and University of Waterloo to scale up its technology.

Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) provided a research grant for Tyromer to strategically focus on the devulcanization of scrap tire rubber crumb, which allows this high-value recycled material to be used in greater quantities as a replacement for virgin rubber and in more demanding applications.

In a separate news release, OTS Executive Director Andrew Horsman says, “The opening of Tyromer Waterloo exemplifies our ongoing focus of spurring economic development by supporting Ontario-based environmental innovators, leading to commercialization. It also demonstrates the kind of strategic partnerships we’re building with Ontario-based companies such as Tyromer and AirBoss Rubber Compounding.”

Horsman adds, “We look forward to continuing to develop future partnerships that will help drive Ontario’s green economy.”

AirBoss Rubber Compounding, the second largest custom rubber compounder in North America, provided valuable industry knowledge and helped validate Tyromer-TDP as a viable rubber compound replacement in the manufacture of tires, Tyromer says. The rubber compounder also provided technical assistance in the construction of the Tyromer Waterloo facility.

“Tyromer Waterloo Inc. represents the successful collaboration among university, public sector (Ontario Tire Stewardship) and industry (AirBoss Rubber Compounding) in transforming a university invention into a global innovation in scrap tire recycling and resource utilization,” says Tyromer CEO Sam Visaisouk.

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