A Visit to Philippines: Establish Environmental Industry Together

Visit to Philippines

Good news. We have confirmed the visit to Philippines today. On Apr. 16th – Apr. 27th, 2018, our Beston team manager Mr. Nash, Ms Bella and Ms. Sophia will pay a sincere visit to Manila, Cebu, Davao in Philippines. Firstly, we are keen to learn Philippines’ unique culture and feel local customs and practices. Secondly, we … Read more

The Waste Hierarchy and Energy from Waste

Beston waste sorting machine

The waste hierarchy has been fundamental in designing national strategies and policies that move the UK away from its dependence on landfilling. After minimising the amount of waste that is produced in the first place through waste prevention and reuse, the next priority is to recycle as much useful material as possible from the waste … Read more

Growth Model for The Pyrolytic Technology in The U.S

Plastic To Fuel Conversion Technology

Pyrolytic technologies are not new and have a long history in the U.S. Dozens of companies have courted investors to finance plastic pyrolysis technologies. However, these companies failed to deliver economically viable, commercial-scale systems. Scaling the technology beyond bench scale proved problematic for decades, as did the quality of the fuel product. The history of … Read more

Pyrolysis of Hydrocarbon Polymers Is A Very Complex Process

Waste Pyrolysis Plant In Nigeria

Pyrolysis of hydrocarbon polymers is a very complex process, which consists of hundreds of reactions and products. Several factors have significant effects on the reactions and the products. Based on previous research, this chapter investigated the fundamental plastic processes and reactions. With temperature increasing, plastic will go though glassy state, rubbery state, liquid state, and … Read more