Waste Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Plant in China

Do you know how to find the most effective waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant in China? Beston Machinery, as a professional manufacturer, is a good choice for you. Becasue we have more than twenty years of experience in waste recycling and pyrolysis technology field. In addition, we also provide the high-quality machines, excellent services and competitive prices for all the customers.

Beston Waste Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Plant in China-3D Model
Beston Waste Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Plant in China-3D Model

Applications of Porducts Generated by Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Machine

Beston waste tire recycling equipment for sale can be used for turning waste tires into pyrolysis oil, carbon black and steel wire. These by-products have a wide range of applications.

Firstly, the oil. The pyrolysis oil from waste tires can be widely used as fuel oil in steel and iron plant, boiler factory and other chemical industries. Also, the oil can be further purified to high quality diesel fuel.

Secondly, the carbon black. The carbon black can be used for making construction bricks with clay, or can be further processed into N330 carbon black.

Thirdly, the steel wire. The steel wire will be recycled to produce new steel products.

Affordable Tyre Recycling Plant in China
Affordable Tyre Recycling Plant in China

Main Technological Characteristics of Waste Tyre Recycling Plant in China:

1. This device has rapid and continuous system. Generally, the efficiency is more than three times compared with the traditional intermittent operation equipment.

2. The heating method. The new scrap tire recycling machine adopts indirect heating method. The advantages are as follows:

a. Safety. When some problems occur in the system, we can close the induced draught fan and cut the heating source in sudden. Therefore, we can ensure the system’s safety.

b. Efficiency. The heat-exchange distance is more than 5-7 times compared with the old equipment’s. Thus, this machine has a higher thermal efficiency.

c. Prolong the service life of the machine. This method greatly extends the service life of main equipment.

Tyre to Oil
Tyre to Oil

3. Equipment’s shape. The shape of the tyre recycling machinery for sale is beautiful, decent and practical.

4. Environmental protection. The equipped environmental protection devices are perfect, such as waste gas burner, flue condenser. If we use these devices, there won’t have pollution.

5. Excellent design. The equipment has reasonable design, advanced manufacturing technologies, a high automatic system and complete safety facilities.

Beston Waste Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Plant
Beston Waste Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Plant

Specifications of Waste Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Plant in China:

Our machine mainly include batch type (BLJ-6 and BLJ-10), semi-automatic type (only BLJ-16) and fully continuous pyrolysis plant (BLL-20). There are some differences among them. The batch type doesn’t need pre-treatment devices. And the whole waste tire can be put into pyrolysis reactor. The semi-automatic type can work for 3-4 shifts per day. Then its reactor needs about 1 hour to cool down. The continuous type can work for 24 hours per day without a stop.

About Our After-sale Service:

1. Design specific maintenance program according to different situation of your tyre pyrolysis plant.

2. Installation service. For each set of waste tires recycling machine, one technician will be sent to guide your installation and test the machine if you have this need. Besides, we will provide the training for your workers.

3. Long-term warranty. We provide one-year maintenance service and half-year free quick-wear parts for customers. Besides, engineers are available to service at any time.

4. Periodical call visit. We make sure the equipment is under the normal operation.

5. Design the installation drawings according to your site.

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