Solid waste treatment plant

Solid Waste Treatment Plant

Is there solid waste treatment method? Absolutely, we Beston Machinery offers a treatment of solid waste. That is solid waste treatment plant! This garbage treatment plant has high-level performance of sorting wastes into different types, such as plastic, metal, organic matters, bricks, stone and sandy, etc. Therefore, its application greatly solves a pollution problem all over the world. As is known to all, solid waste disposal has became a tricky problem in the global world. If we don’t deal with these waste or use wrong ways to handle with waste, our environment will be seriously polluted and our energy will be wasted.

Solid waste treatment plant
Solid waste treatment plant

Solid Waste Treatment Plant Cost

When you determine to set up a solid waste disposal plant, have you fully consider the costs that municipal solid waste treatment plant generates? There are some aspects we provide for your reference.

1.The cost of SMW treatment industry. If you already have your industry, then this cost is not your concerned issue. If you don’t have your factory, there are two ways. First one is renting industry. Second one is buying your industry. For long-time development, we recommend the second one.

2.The cost of waste. We all know the whole world generates the waste all the time. So the waste source is wide. At the same time, waste cost is also cheap.

3.The cost of the maintenance. Beston solid waste disposal facility has PLC and monitor system. Through monitor system, we can constantly monitor the operation of plant. So this system dramatically decreases the level of making error.

4.The cost of labor force. Because Beston municipal waste treatment plant has fully automatic solid waste disposal system, so it’s not necessary to employee many workers. Operating the whole municipal waste treatment plant just needs less than 10 people in the sorting workshop. Therefore, customers can save large labor cost.

5.The cost of solid waste disposal equipment. The cost of the whole set of solid waste disposal plant is rational. And we Beston Machinery offers competitive price for you. If we receive your quotation, we feel honorable.

Garbage treatment plant
Garbage treatment plant

Solid Waste Treatment Plant Specification:

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-300 BFX-400
Raw material Urban garbage
Capacity 100T/D 200T/D 300T/D 400T/D
Power 224.7KW 263KW 279KW 294KW
Area(㎡) 5366 6112 6200 6800

Solid Waste Treatment Process Of Beston Machine

Firstly, pour the waste into unloading platform and send waste to uniform cloth dispenser by receive hopper. The uniform cloth dispenser can evenly distribute the waste to guarantee high efficiency of next work. Then belt conveyor send waste to manual sorting platform. Workers will pick large pieces out, such as quilt, branch, long stick, brick, bottle, danger waste, etc.

Secondly, the rotary screening machine screen the waste into two different types of waste according to waste size. All waste can be classified to more than 50mm or less than 50mm.

1.Less than 50mm. This waste mainly is organic matters and iron matters. The plant adopts magnetic separator to select the metal materials out. Then the organic matter is directly sent to composting workshop.

2.More than 50mm. This waste mainly contains all kinds of waste. So we need to further sorting it.

Thirdly, comprehensive winnowing machine begins to sort the waste which is large than 50mm. Through screening, there are three kinds of waste. First one is heavy waste, such as brick, stone, sandy, rubber overshoes, porcelain, glass, etc. Second one is light waste, including plastic. Third one is mixtures, containing stiff plastic, fabric, rubber products, etc.

Fourthly, you can disposal these waste according to your demand.

Solid waste disposal plant
Solid waste disposal plant

Solid Waste Treatment Plant Design In Safety

1.Fully-automatic system. Beston solid waste treatment plant adopts fully-automatic sorting line. Therefore, we can reduce the mistakes caused by people to a great extent.

2.Special odor control system. The odor system collects all bad smell and reprocesses it. Therefore, the environment of workshop and the health of workers can be greatly guaranteed.

3.Monitor system. Through monitor system, all the municipal solid waste disposal process are under our monitor. This system ensures the smooth and the safety of operation.

4.Sealed production process. All the process of waste treatment are sealed. The air or the land won’t be polluted.

Waste disposal plant
Waste disposal plant

What Field Can This Plant Be Used In?

1.Municipal solid waste sorting plant. Municipal solid waste, as the main source of waste, is able to be disposed by Beston plant. This waste disposal plant adopts several municipal solid waste treatment, and can classify municipal waste to a great extent. In addition, we can customize different waste disposal plants for customers. Because different countries’ waste has different components. And we want to design safe, environmental and economical plant for different customers.

2.Mining waste sorting plant. This plant can also be used to sort mining waste. Sealed disposal of solid waste is helpful to reduce mine dust. Special technique, like wear-resisting and anticorrosive technique, greatly prolongs the service life of waste disposal machine. Appropriate structural layout brings convenient for machine instalment. We can design the best waste treatment plan for you in the light of your factory location and waste components.

We Beston Machinery has more than 17 experience and excellent reputation in this field. And Beston machine has been highly appreciated by our customers from different countries, such as Egypt, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, South Africa, Australia, Korea, Uzbekistan, Romania, etc. So, if you are interested in our machine, please send email for us to get detailed information.

Treatment plant shipment to Uzbekistan
Treatment plant shipment to Uzbekistan
Solid waste treatment plant installation in Uzbekistan
Solid waste treatment plant installation in Uzbekistan


1.How much area do Beston solid waste treatment plants occupy?
Usually, the sorting workshop occupies 3900㎡. But, different customers has different requirements. You can send detailed information for us, then we customize appropriate plan for you.

2.Normally, how many people do we need to operate this waste treatment equipment?
In the sorting workshop, the machine just needs 8-10 people to operate.

3.Can we specially recycle certain waste, such as plastic, paper or glass?
Customers can specially recycle waste plastic, not include waste paper and glass.

4.How many years can this machine serve?
More than 30 years. Both unique detail processing and superior parts extend the machine’s life cycle.

5.How to deal with bad smell and noise?
The odor system has a good effect on eliminating the bad smell. And the dustproof cover can reduce noise to a certain extent. Besides, the noise decibel of Beston machine is under standard. So it’s no need to worry.

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