Solid waste management plant cost

Solid Waste Management Plant Cost

With the garbage increasing in the global world, there are many solid waste management disposal methods. What solid waste management methods should we adopt to effectively handle with these waste? We Beston Machinery offers great solid waste management plant to sort these garbage. So we can take advantage of these garbage to the most extend. Meanwhile, we offer competitive solid waste management plant cost for you.

Solid waste management plant cost
Solid waste management plant cost

Sorting Materials from Beston Waste Management Plants

Effective management of municipal solid waste is beneficial to our environment, such as the application of solid waste management equipment. So what products can we get from this machine, and what are their uses?

Plastic: when the garbage is handled by comprehensive winnowing machine, the plastic can be picked out. We can pack these waste plastic by packing machine, and then reuse them.

Metal: after selected by magnetic separator in the municipal solid waste management system, we can get massive metal from waste. These metal can be packed into pieces by packing machine.

Organic matters: when garbage is dealt with by rotating screening machine and magnetic separator, we can get organic matters from undersize material. These organic matters can be directly sent to composting workshop.

Bricks, stones, glass: comprehensive winnowing machine can pick heavy material out, including bricks, stones, glass, etc. Don’t think these things just are waste. We can recycle them to make bricks or other construction material.

Waste plastic
Waste plastic
Waste metal
Waste metal
Waste organic matters
Waste organic matters
Waste stone, sandy, etc
Waste stone, sandy, etc

Features of Beston Waste Management Equipment for Sale

Safe solid waste management plant design. When we operatethe machine in waste management plant, security is always the concerned issue. We have PLC to control the whole operation line. When some urgency events occur, we can turn waste management equipment off in time. And monitor system has an significant role in the industry. It provides the newest running information of every machine.
1. Noise control. Noise is always a headache for workers or neighbors. If you adopt our Beston waste management machines, it is unnecessary to worry about this problem. Because all of solid waste management machines take application of anti-noise outer cover to decrease the noise. The noise generated by msw waste management machine can be controlled to less than 80db.
2. Deodorization control. All of wastes have bad smell, which is harmful for solid waste management recycling industry’s environment and workers’ Beston solid waste management facility has a unique design called deodorizing device. This solid waste management technology eliminates the bad smell of waste and cleans the air of industry, which greatly improves the industry environment.
3. Less energy consumption. Due to upgraded constantly, Beston waste management machine requires less energy consumption than before.
4. Low budget. Firstly, solid waste management unit cost is rational. Although our machine adopts superior parts and has good performance, the waste management plant cost is affordable.

Waste management equipment for sale
Waste management equipment for sale


Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-300 BFX-400
Raw material Urban garbage
Capacity 100T/D 200T/D 300T/D 400T/D
Power 224.7KW 263KW 279KW 294KW
Area(㎡) 5366 6112 6200 6800

Good Reputation: Beston Solid Waste Management Equipment Manufacturer

Long experience. Beston Machinery has more than 17-year experience in manufacturing solid waste management machinery and equipments. And many foreign customers pay a visit to our company in China. We have large manufacturing industry which gradually expends. We welcome your visit and consultation.

Professional team. Beston Machinery has a independent department as well as united group. If you have any doubt, you can message us, and we will give the best answers for you.

Professional research group. The technology changes with times. So we need to constantly upgrade solid waste management system’s design and performance. We Beston Machinery specially build a RD team. They devote to bring the best customer experience for you through improving the efficiency and the technology of solid waste management and disposal.

Variety of Beston machines. We have high-quality solid waste management machine, charcoal making machine and pyrolysis machine. They are all green products which can recycle or reuse different waste, such as municipal garbage, waste tyre, waste plastic, wood, etc. In addition, they all have different models for you to choose.

Relevant Certificates. We have certificates of CE, ISO, SGS, etc, which can guarantee Beston’patent technology, machine’s quality and customer’s legal rights.

Waste management machine
Waste management machine

What’s the Solid Waste Management Plant Cost?

As we all know, establishing a plant about municipal waste management is not an easy thing, especially in unfamiliar field. Before setting up a waste management treatment plant, we must make preparation for these things.
1. Enough material. When doing solid waste management business, we need tofind a reliable supplier of the waste. Only we have stable material source, the whole production will be more smooth.
2. Industry area. You must be clear about the size of your factory, small-sized industry, medium-sized industry or large-sized industry. Because different models havedifferent  productivity, which greatly influences the area size of environmental solid waste management industry.
3. Electricity. The electricity is the main energy for garbage management plant, so stable power supply can guarantee normal and smooth operation of factory, as well as reduce the damage for our municipal solid waste management machine.
4. Relevant certificates. When deciding to set up a solid waste management treatment plant, you should learn what certificates you should register. Different countries have different standards. So our engineers will give assistance for you.

If you still don’t know how to start it, don’t worry. It’s our honorable to provide guidance for you. Just contact us, and give us your basic information, we will customize an appropriate msw management plant for you.

In addition, management of solid waste is not only a profitable business but also an environmental event for us. It is conducive to build environment-friendly society and to generate benefits for our future!

Beston sorting machines have been exported to many countries, such as Egypt, Romania, South Africa, Philippines, Australia, Korea, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. we receive good feedback from our customers. Besides, the customers’ visit is warmly welcomed. We feel honorable! We welcome your visit.

Waste management plant
Waste management plant

Reliable Services of Beston Manufacturer

As a waste management machine manufacturer, expect for favorable solid waste management plant cost, we provide following services.

1. We provide full-time services. Any message can be sent to our online website, email or telephone.

2. We provide technical guidance online. If you have any doubt about establishing sewage and solid waste management industry,you will get professional answers from our customer service personnel and experienced engineer.

3. Install municipal solid waste management equipment for you. The professional engineers can help you to install the machine until the whole operation line runsnormally in your site.

4. Maintenance guarantee. We provide free wear-quick parts for half a year and free maintenance for a year.

Italian Clients visit Beston Machinery
Italian Clients visit Beston Machinery
Uzbekistan customer
Uzbekistan customer
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