Recycling Center Schedules Annual Tire Collection

The Manitowoc County Recycling Center will hold its annual tire collection Sept. 14-26 for Manitowoc County residents and businesses to properly dispose of their tires at a reduced rate.

The program started in 1998 and has collected approximately 3.05 million pounds of waste tires. Waste tires can be reused. They can be shred into rubber chips and used as artificial turf or as a groundcover in playgrounds. Tire rubber can be incorporated into asphalt roads, running tracks and used in other rubber products. Depending on what other materials are in the tire, they may also be used as a fuel source.

Recycling Center schedules annual tire collection

The DNR estimates Wisconsin produces 5 million waste tires per year. Tires have been banned from landfills since 1995 because they take up too much space and their bulky size makes them hard to keep buried. Burning tires can release large amounts of pollutants into the air, water and soil.

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