Welcome to Join Beston Machinery in Vietnam from 23rd to 27th July, 2018

During the time from 23rd to 27th July, 2018, Beston Group will pay a visit to Hanoi in Vietnam! We will be here waiting for your arrival!

The Visit of Beston Group to Vietnam from 23rd to 27th July, 2018
The Visit of Beston Group to Vietnam from 23rd to 27th July, 2018

The main purpose of this visit is to let more people know clearer about Beston machine, including the function of plastic pyrolysis machine, working process, machine price, the technical guidance, etc. If you have an interest in Beston Machine, it is time for you to join us in Vietnam. Besides, there will be a large discount existing in this visit. Also, the order online is available. Don’t miss the golden opportunity of exchange!

Beton Machinery provides three major waste recycling machines, including biochar machine and pyrolysis plants, municipal solid waste sorting machine. The biochar machine converts serveral raw materials into charcoal, including wood, rice husk, peanut shell, coconut shell, bagasse, etc. The pyrolysis plants make oil from the waste plastic, tire, rubber and other materials. The municipal waste sorting machine effectively sorts the garbage with high efficiency. The aboving machines all are green machines. In other words, they won’t generate the pollution in the production process but make profits for you.

Beston Team of Vietnam Visit in July, 2018
Beston Team of Vietnam Visit in July, 2018

After the visit to Thailand, we gained more experience and the appreciation from customers. Through communication with us, these customers had a clear understanding about the practicability of the plant project. Here is a Beston tyre pyrolysis plant project report for you to read. They believe we are the one they can rely on. We believe serving customers is the thing we are dedicated to! If you want to know more detailed information, leave your message to us.

We are looking forward to the arrival and the cooperation with you! It is also available for you to contact us in advance. Send email to us!

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