Tire Pretreatment Equipment

In the whole waste tyre pyrolysis plant production line, we need to use the waste tir pretreatment equipment. A complete of tire pre-treatment equipment mainly these parts: they are hydraulic tire single hook wire drawing machine, tire cutting machine,  tyre crusher, belt conveyor.  The followings are the detailed information:

1. Wire Drawing Machine

Hydraulic tire single hook wire drawing machine is an equipment completely pulled out the steel wire of the bead in once. Its purpose is convenient to the after crushing and cutting. It mainly consists of motor pumps, hook, cross plate, body frame, oil cylinder , hydraulic station. Control handle, guide wheel.

Wire Drawing Machine

Features of Wire Drawing Machine

The main structure like hook, cross plate are all made from specially materials and special processing, those structures were high-strength, wear-resistant and durable.

The machine has a tire lifting device, so that different tires can put easily, reduce the amount labor, and provide higher yields.

The hydraulic system adopts international advanced constant power variable piston pump technology, low operating noise, high pressure, improve the control system operation safety and extend the life of the equipment.

Model 1200
Capacity(pcs/h) 30-60
Handing tire(mm) ≦Ф1200
Motor(kw) 7.5
Working pressure(t) 15
Cylinder moving distance(mm) 1300
Dimensions(mm) 3150×750×1400
Weight (t) 1.6

2. Tire Cutting Machine For Sale

Tyre cutting machine is only used to cut whole tire if its diameter is larger than 1200mm. If size of tire is less than 1200mm, it will not need this step.

Tire Cutting Machine

Model J-3000
Handing tire(mm) ≦Ф1200
Motor(kw) 18.5
Working pressure(t) 380
Weight (t) 25

3. Tyre Shredder Machine For Sale

BG tyre shredding machine is used to crush tire chips in ambient process. It mainly consists of the ;lifting device, power system, crush blade, screen institution.

Tire Crusher

Features of tire crusher machine

The advantages of tire crusher machine have compact structure, reasonable layout, easy installation and maintenance.

The machinery is equipment two type feeding device for customers to choose, it includes large conveyor belt and small elevator feeding device. Our customers are free choose it on the basis of your plant area. The crusher blade edges are made of hard alloy after special hardness treatment, wear-proof. The blade edges are made replaceable without dismantling the machine, blades changing and repairing jobs are made easy any more. Heavy-duty, advanced technology and high output.

The discharging screener has two choices: traditional rotary screener and efficient star-axis slices screener. It can configured according to customer output requirements.

Technology parameter:

Model 900 1200
Capacity(pcs/h) 1-3 2.5-5
Feed size(mm) ≦Ф900 ≦Ф1200
Specification of the materials(mm) 50×50 50×50
Motor power(kw) 20*2+1.5+0.5 45*2+3
Spindle speed(rev/min) 16 12
Dimensions(mm) 2000×2500×2800 4000×3400×3700
Weight (t) 6.8 18

4. Belt Conveyor

BG belt conveyor is a line to connect the front and rear so that it can work continuously process equipment, designed specifically for transporting the entire tire, delivery of the rubber blokes and broken rubber block after cutting. Its components include: motor , reducer, flat conveyor belt, roller, rack, baffles,casters.

Belt Conveyor
Belt Conveyor

Features of Belt Conveyor:

Smooth and reliable operation, transport capacity,simple structure, easy installation and maintenance.

Using the way of upper and lower main roller can adjust, the roller using a self-aligning design, can effectively solve the problem of the conveyor belt deviation and slipping.

Using worm gears directly connected Kun barrel to drive, it is ideal equipment for pan and tilt conveyor tires and rubber block.

Throughput can adopt PLC program control of the conveyor according to customer requirements, accurate, smooth and uniform the tire, rubber blocks delivered to each device, ensuring the stability, security, high efficiency operation of the entire production line.

Model 500,650,900,13000
Processing amount(K/H) 1000~10000
Conveying length(m) 4-10
Conveying height(m) 1-5
Conveying width(mm) 500~1300
Conveying speed (m/min) 10-30
Motor power(kw) 1.1~3

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