Gurgaon Boy Designs Site to Collect Old Tyres for Proper Disposal

In an attempt to ensure that used tyres are disposed properly, a 16-year-old boy from the city has designed a website which will serve as an aggregator of such tyres.

The web portal, Tyrlessly, created by Anubhav Wadhwa was launched this month. Anubhav is a student of Pathways World School, Aravali.

Anubhav said the idea of creating a website like this came to his mind when he saw someone burning used tyres one day. The incident left him wondering what happens to all the discarded tyres.

He checked the internet and learnt that burning of tyres releases many toxic gases and is a major environmental hazard.


Determined to make a change, Anubhav started the portal. On the portal, anyone can request the company to pick up their old tyres. Once the tyres are picked up, they are sent to a recycling plant where they undergo pyrolysis– extraction processes which can convert tyres into usable by-products like fuel oils, steel etc.

“Generally, old tyres are carelessly burned to produce heat, especially in sugarcane industries. Most of these industries burn tyres in a manner that is hazardous to the environment. The only way forward is to embrace pyrolysis,” said Anubhav.

Anubhav said he believes that recycling old tyres will, over the years, help save a lot of landfill space in the country.

“There are a lot of pyrolysis plants across India. But right now, the challenge is to bring the used tyres to these plants,” he said.

Tyrelessly currently operates only in the Delhi-NCR region, but the company plans to expand its services to all major cities by February. As of now, the service is free of cost. But in the future, Anubhav plans to generate revenue from advertisements on the website and sale of recycled byproducts.

Tyrelessly has been funded from the internal accruals of TechAPTO company.

“Right now, we are educating people about the dangers of burning tyres. We are trying to procure more and more used tyres so that they are disposed properly,” Anubhav said.

Tyrelessly has set a target to collect at least 1,000 tyres by the end of February.

When asked how he manages the website along with his studies, Anubhav said it is not much of a task for him.

The teenager starts his day at 6.30 am when he goes to school. In the school, apart from the studies he has other responsibilities. He is a member of the student council. Anubhav also assists his teachers in preparing visual display material. He returns home around 5 pm and then starts working on the website.

“Being a student of Pathways World School has been the most rewarding learning experience for me. I feel that this has helped me evolve into a good human being.”

He feels that two most important traits that he has developed because of his school are dedication and commitment.

Anubhav said he wants to be a lawyer.

As part of his vision towards ensuring a sustainable development, Anubhav is working towards building a strong relationship with the government and other key stakeholders.

“It is important that everyone comes together to change the world. It will take time but it can be done. We are trying to do our bit through Tyrelessly,” said Anubhav.

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