Trash sorting machine

Trash Sorting Machine

Trash sorting machine categorizes municipal solid waste or mining waste into different kinds, such as light plastic, metal, brick, stone, organic matter, etc. The invention of sorting machine is a good news for a great deal of countries. Why? People use this machine to classify trash, and then reuse classified trash which already been abandoned by us. Therefore, the recovery rate arises rapidly and we can keep large energy resource from loss. This trash sorter machine is indispensable in our life and is able to take advantage of waste’s maximum value.

Nowadays, there are a few countries whose citizen adheres to the principle of sorting trash, for example, German, Singapore, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, etc. A large majority of counties don’t have a strictly trash sorting regulation. And the uncategorized trash not only pollutes the environment but also occupies the precious land area. So without no doubt the appearance of rubbish sorting machine is an excellent sorting trash method.

Trash sorting machine
Trash sorting machine

Advantages of Beston Trash Sorting Machine

Isn’t it just a trash recycling machine? No, it is a recycling machine with several advanced technology and special design. So, Beston sorting machine has following advantages:

a. Reasonable structure and configuration. Beston sorting machines are composed of a series of parts, like plate feeder, manual sorting platform, gravity separator, color sorting machine, hydraulic packing machine, hydraulic metal presser, spraying deodorization tower, etc. You can purchase these parts according to your need.

b. Automatic operation system. Beston sorting machine has high-level automation system. The whole process just requires a few people to operate, which is convenient for customers.

c. PLC control system. The PLC can control the whole process, including sorting machine, deodorant system, etc. When emergent event happens, we can turn off the trash recycling equipment in time, which brings high-level security to us.

d. Special deodorant system. When the industry sorts trash, the environment is the concerned issue for people. Beston machine has deodorant system to collect bad smell and dirty dust. Therefore, the working environment is clean for workers.

e. Sealed sorting process. The whole waste treatment process is sealed. So the workshop won’t have unpleasant smell. And the workers’ health is greatly guaranteed.

f. Price and quality. Beston trash sorting facility has superior quality, such as anticorrosive and toughness steel. So this machine is popular in Egypt, Romania, South Africa, Philippines, Australia, Korea, Uzbekistan, etc. Besides, Beston machine has favorable price. If you want to know detailed information, please email to us to know more.

Rubbish sorting machine
Rubbish sorting machine


Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-300 BFX-400
Raw material Urban garbage
Capacity 100T/D 200T/D 300T/D 400T/D
Power 224.7KW 263KW 279KW 294KW
Area(㎡) 5366 6112 6200 6800


Trash recycling machine
Trash recycling machine

What Preparation Work  Do We Need To Do?

Before establishing trash sorting plant, the preparation work is important. It will help you to deal with next work more smoothly. So what should we learn about and what do we need to do?

1. Budget. When establishing an industry, the budget is always the most significant issue. So where should we spend money?

a. Industry fee. Do you already have your own industry? Otherwise, it will not be a small cost for you. Both renting industry or buying industry are good methods.

b. Machine fee. The machine is indispensable in the trash processing plant. Hence, the total amount of the sorting machine cost depends on the number and the model you purchase. Beston Machinery offers rational and competitive trash sorting machine price for you.

c. Maintenance fee. Once the industry is established, the maintenance is necessary. In order to prolong the service life of trash recycling plant and make the sorting process more smooth, customers must maintain the whole sorting line regularly.

d. Electricity cost. Trash separation systems mainly depend on electricity to operate. Beston trash sorting machine has special energy consumption design. Therefore, sorting industry has less energy consumption compared with traditional sorting machine.

e. Raw material cost. The trash, as raw material, has wide supply source. And its cost is so cheap. Therefore, many people decide to join this trash recycling industry.

Trash belt conveyor
Trash belt conveyor
Trash deodorizing tower
Trash deodorizing tower

2. Relevant register. Different countries have different standards and policies. If you don’t know which certificates you should obtain, contact us. Our engineers will help you to solve these problems.

3. Reprocessing machine. After sorted, what are these waste’s use? So we recommend three rubbish sorting machines for you to make more profits.

a. Charcoal making machine. The charcoal making machine turns these green material to charcoal, like branches. We can regard these charcoal as fuel of barbecues.

b. Pyrolysis machine. Through pyrolysis machine, these waste plastic can be converted to oil. We can directly sell oil to other industry or reprocess the oil to high-quality diesel oil.

c. Packing machine. These materials, such as plastic, metal, etc, can be packed to piles. After piled, these waste can be directly sold to other industry or go to the next reprocess work.

Not everyone is familiar with this field. If you don’t have a clear understand about trash sorting industry, we will give you the professional guidance. Besides, in the light of your conditions, we provide the service of customizing trash sorting machine for sale.

Trash recycling plant
Trash recycling plant

The End-products Of Trash Sorting Machine:

NO. End products Productivity Usage
1 plastic film 12% 1. Turn to plastic particles to reuse

2. Pyrolysis waste plastic to oil

2 paper 5% Make pulp to produce new paper
3 metal 5% Smelt new metal
4 glass 3% Recovery for reusing
5 battery,textile,bulk garbage, etc. 5% Recovery
6 biomass: straw, shell, faeces, food residue, etc. 70% Making charcoal from biomass

The Working Process Of Beston Trash Sorting Machine For Sale:

Trash sorting process
Trash sorting process

Customer-focused Service We Beston Machinery Provide

Pre-sale service:

1.24-hour online service. We are online all the day. If you have any problem, send email to us. We will offer professional advice for you as soon as possible.

2.Technical instruction. Our professional engineers will provide technical instruction, including establishment of industry, purchase of raw material, etc.

Post-sale service:

3.Installation. Don’t know how to install the machine? We will dispatch our experienced engineer to install trash separator in your sites. Besides, we also can provide training for your operators if you have this demand.

4.Guarantee. We provide a half year’s maintenance and quick-wear parts for free.

We Beston Machinery has excellent reputation in this field, and has more than 17-year experience in manufacturing trash sorting machine. If you have interest in our machine and service, send email to us. We will reply you as soon as possible.

Trash sorting machine installation in Uzbekistan
Trash sorting machine installation in Uzbekistan
Trash sorting machine installation in Uzbekistan
Trash sorting machine installation in Uzbekistan
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