Important Things About Tires Pyrolysis & Recycling

Tyre Pyrolysis Plant In Jordan

Do you know that improper disposal of tires features a negative impact for the environment? As well as the effect surpasses the immediate and obvious. Seeing all smoke coming from burning tires can be very unsightly as well as the fumes may cause health issues. If the practice of burning tires continues the impact will be felt even by generations to come. This is the reason why serious action must be taken to the proper handling and discarding of used tires. Instead of simply burning old tires, we ought to recycle them instead. This can be done through the whole process of pyrolysis.

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Renewable energy plant a possibility again

Renewable energy plant

A renewable energy plant is on the table again for Morgan County after three years of obstacles.

Joseph Yavorski, president of Creative Energy Systems, brought a new contract for a waste-to-energy plant to the Morgan County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday morning. The 42-page contract was tabled this week so the commissioners could review it more thoroughly, but Yavorski still got a chance to describe his company’s plan for converting trash to energy in the new facility. Although Commissioner Laura Teague emphasized that the contract is still in “the very preliminary stages,” all three board members expressed their excitement for the project.

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World First: Tire Recycling Yields Steel, Diesel, Carbon

Tire Recycling Plant

PERTH, Western Australia, March 31, 2016 (ENS) – Tytec Recycling, a new company based in Perth, announced Wednesday that it would open the world’s first environmentally-friendly off the road tire recycling operation this year.

The facility will employ a new Edison Award-winning technology to make high-quality marketable steel, diesel oil and carbon out of the old earthmoving tires used in mining and agriculture.

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